Important Server Update to 1.14.4


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Hello Everyone!

The server reset is finally complete!
Here is the important information regarding the reset and update the version 1.14.4

Was Reset
- The Main World (New Seed)
- Resource, End, Nether Worlds (New Seeds)
- All Towns/Nations Deleted
- All player locks cleared
- Player shops

Currently Disabled
- Chest Shops
- Auction House
- Custom Enchants
- CoinFlip
- Voting Rewards

- Cosmetics
- McMMO Credits (Do not redeem)

If you are wondering about a spefici aspect of the server that I did not list, you can message me on
discord and I will add it to the list, or you can assume that it is fine

Important Dates

Early Access: Sunday 15th, 1am PST - Tuesday 17th, 1am PST
This testing/beta period will be accessable to Donation Ranks only
(Subscribers, Patron, Apostle, Saint)
Make sure you have the rank on discord to be white listed

Week Grace Period: Tuesday 17th, 1am PST - Tuesday 24th, 1am PST
During this week keep inventory will be on, town taxes will be disabled,
town creation cost will only be $2,000, nation creation will be $10,000
The End will be reset again after the grace period.

Drop Party: Saturday 9/21/19
There wil be a drop party on Saturday. The exact tie will be posted as Saturday gets closer

Donation Store Discount: For 2 weeks starting 9/3/19
Permanent Donation Ranks will be discounted by 20%

These dates are not set in stone, and may change. Changes will be announced

Some Important Notes
Player homes are still be avaliable. However, they may not be set in very safe locations, This is your official warning.

I will reimburse the amount of bonus blocks towns have (redeemed land deeds)
But only if you provide me with a screenshot showing your town info screen with you as the mayor and the bonus blocks amount of your town before the reset

Custom enchant are currently disabled while I look for a new plugin, they will still show up on items but they will not work.
Vanilla enchants with higher than vanilla values will still work.

Vote rewards are currently not working correctly, if you do not recieve your rewards you will not be reimbursed.

If I missed anything, or you think I need to include anything else,
please comment here or mesage me on discord!

Any and all bugs found or issues with the reset or a game mechanic needs to be reported on the server forums!

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