In-Game Server Rules


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1. No Begging For Money, Items, or Free Stuff
  • Begging for money/items is considered spam/harassment and you will be warned for it.
2. No Inappropriate Names, Item Names, or Structures

3. English Only In All Global Chats

  • These chats would include: global and market chats.
4. Listen to Staff, Report Abuse or Unfair Situations to Staff

5. Alert Staff When Changing your Username

  • If you are about to change your name, contact a staff member before doing so, this is to make sure if anything is lost, that staff member can vouch for lost money.
6. No Cheating, Hacking, or Exploiting Bugs.
  • Cheating: Cheating is finding an easy way out of an unpleasant situation by dishonest means. It is generally used for the breaking of rules to gain unfair advantage in a competitive situation.

  • Hacking encompasses client-side mods or tools which would give a player an advantage over the general player base. These mods/tools include macros, x-ray, pvp beneficial mods (kill aura, spam click, etc.), auto clickers, and any mods/tools which staff would deem game breaking.

  • Bugs are rampant throughout plugins and are constantly being fixed by the staff. Some of these bugs which are included in plugins cannot be fixed by us. A few instances of bugs that should be noted are as follow: any method of item duplication, any bypass of a staff protected area (ie. barrier blocks have a hole, report it, don’t explore.), modifications to player stats that bypass locked permissions (adding health, speed, flying). These are just a few major instances of bugs in minecraft and there are many more. If you encounter a bug, whether it is fixable or not, report it to staff immediately. Do not abuse the bug, do not hide the bug. Any individual abusing, hiding, or attempting to abuse a bug will be banned for a specified duration.
7. No Racism or Homophobia, Warnings and Mutes WILL be Issued.
  • Poor treatment of, or violence against people because of their race or sexual orientation.

  • This includes any terms deemed derogatory, racist, homophobic, sexist, or any variant of said terms. Any use, including casual use, will not be tolerated. Warnings and mutes will be issued.

  • This applies to any form of communication. If attempting to bypass a chat mute, you will receive a ban of equal severity.
8. No Controversial Subjects / Arguments in Global Chat
  • Please don’t dominate global chat with heated arguments. Take it to DMs.

  • If staff ask you to stop please stop. This is a discretionary rule. Staff may choose the severity of these mutes on a case by case basis.
9. Swearing and Advertising
  • While swearing is allowed, excessive swearing is not. This is a discretionary rule. Staff may choose the severity of these mutes on a case by case basis.

  • Advertising is linking other server IP's in hopes of gaining players for that server, we do not tolerate this behavior. Sending links to sites linked to the forum is alright as well as major mini-game servers.

  • Don't rename items in the auction plugins to advertise.
10. Don't Spam Chat / Others
  • Please note that spam follows heavy staff discretion as not all possible cases can be accounted for.

  • Spamming includes but is not limited to the following:
    • Excessive use of repetitive characters
    • Excessive use of capital letters
    • 'Loud' or extremely distracting messages
11. No Anti-Afk Machines
  • No client side auto mods (fisher, clicker, etc.)

  • There is an afk kick timer that, once the player has idled into or has issued the command /afk, begins a 15 minute countdown until it kicks you from the server. Avoiding this timer using a client side mod, an altered client, a macro of any kind, or any other method which would avoid the afk timer with intent to make income, farm items, farm plants, or any sort of grinding is not allowed and will result in a ban.

  • Possible machines: AFK pool, Auto-jump fencepost, client side changes which allow the player to jump uninterrupted. Any client that automatically logs the player onto the server. There are many more possibilities. The afk timer is there for a reason, please don't try to avoid it.
12. No Lag Machines
  • Any machine that causes the server lag can be taken down and put in a chest, this is a case by case scenario.

  • Build your machine with performance in mind.
13. Do Not Disrespect or Harrass Players / Staff
  • Being respectful to others is mostly done by using common sense. Don't be an asshole.

  • Treat other players with a sense of dignity. If players are conducting a trade, allow them to do so privately. If staff members are conducting their duties, allow them to do so without impeding.

  • Pushing players who are trying to build in their town is a form of harassment. Standing in the way while they are trying to build something in their town is harassment as well.

  • If a staff member feels you are burdening them from performing their tasks, you may be asked to stop and then muted/banned if appropriate.

  • Do not lie to staff-members or punishment might be greater.
14. No Unclaimed Land Grief Within 64 blocks of a Town
  • This rule is made for the protection of the natural border of a town, not protection of player builds or items. Any players attempting to abuse this will be denied help. Raiding is a part of the game!

  • This rule is governed by upper staff as there are many technicalities which will be considered. Please report any grief to lower staff so it may be documented and checked out.

  • This rule DOES NOT protect builds in town plots with improper permissions, please check your permissions with /plot perm and adjust them as needed.

  • Please note, it is the town owners responsibility to make sure that town and plot permissions are set up properly. This also includes handing permission bypass ranks(Co-Mayor, Assistant, etc.) to players.

  • Any locked chests in wilderness are property of the chest owner, which can be checked with /cinfo. An active player has the right to have access to his chests at all time, therefore if you claim a town/outpost over locked chests, the user has the right to demand his items back. If a player is refusing to give them back, please message a staff member.
15. Don't TP-Kill People.
  • TP killing involves teleporting to a player or teleporting someone to you using any tpa command (/tpa, /tpahere). This does not include /t spawn, /home, or /back. Any player or players killed within the time limit of 6 minutes has the right to post a ban report.

  • As with town grief, this offense is tricky and requires chat logs and proof. Please refer to upper staff or the forums ban reports section to report a tp kill and provide evidence.

  • Using the disguise command in pvp is prohibited.
16. Don't Scam / Trap Other Players
  • A scam is a term used to describe any fraudulent business or scheme that takes money or other goods from an unsuspecting person. Example: Person A: Selling 10 diamonds, 5 each. Person B: I'll buy them Person A: *drops them on Person B* Person B: Person B does not pay Person A and leaves.

  • Scamming occurs when a claim is made between players trading items, services, or in game credits of any kind. If a player claims to provide a specific type and/or amount of items, services, or credits and does not provide full compensation of the amount stated, the player at fault has broken the no scamming rule and is at risk of a ban.

  • Auction scamming isn't allowed either (renaming an item to pass it off as something else or in any way lying about what the item actually is).

  • Any form of trapping, be it with region permission abuse or otherwise, is considered scamming and will be handled as such.

  • Any form of impersonation can be seen as scamming, depending on context.

  • Inviting someone to teleport to a location with the intent of killing or having them killed is considered scamming, this includes /t spawn, /home & /back.
17. Do Not Claim In World Guarded Areas in Resource, The End, The Nether
  • Any areas in which you cannot destroy/place blocks, are claimed by the server. If you claim over them, the claims will be forcefully removed without compensation.

  • This includes the End, as players can monopolize it for farming the dragon.

  • Building on top of The Nether is now allowed.
18. Alternate Accounts Are Not Allowed
  • Alternate accounts are not allowed, as they give that player unfair advantages in many aspects of the game, and can be used to bypass mutes, bans, and jails.

  • Sharing the same IP with a friend or sibling is fine. But staff needs to be alerted.

  • Any players which log 4 or more accounts under a single IP address onto the server (applies to both online and offline accounts on the IP) will receive a no questions permanent IP ban. Appealing this sort of ban will be handled by Admin+ on a case by case basis.
19. Advertising Cash Transactions
  • Any transaction involving real life money, buycraft items, or real life trades for server items are not allowed to be advertised. This will result in a ban with length left to the severity of the situation.

  • Any transactions involving real life money, buycraft items, or real life trades for server items are NOT moderated by the server or server staff. And you assume any risk by entering into any agreements involving real life money.
20. Afk/Idle Player Killing
  • While players who choose to afk/idle in insecure areas are subject to being killed/abused, there needs to be some sort of limit, especially involving seemingly buggy mechanics.

  • Using a fishing rod or any tool other than natural player collisions to remove afk players from an otherwise 'secured area', secured meaning that is no way to remove you from the area by lateral collisions, will constitute a ban on the player at fault.

  • This does not secure afk players.

  • If you are killed from being pushed afk or fished from an area that is not secured based on the above definition, you items will not be refunded.

  • Please remember, you are the one responsible for your player, staff is not here to protect your every mistake.

  • Killing afk people in spawn via pushing them into water is not allowed.
21. Setting Homes Inside Other Players Towns
  • If someone has homes set INSIDE of someone else's house/town without their permission, they need to remove it. If it is outside their house/town, it is fine (Unless they decide to use a chorus fruit to get in).

  • If a player does not inform you whether or not they are okay with you setting a home, automatically assume they are not okay with it.

  • If a player grants you permission to set a home, and then revokes that permission, you must remove it.

  • If a player does not grant you permission to set a home, do not set home.
At the end of the day, we are here to all have fun. Don’t be rude or try to ruin the fun for others
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