Choose Your Own Minecraft Adventure™️

While we wait for the server to update, let's have a little forum goof and do a "Choose-Your-Own-Adventure"ish thing here? It'll go like this:

I'll "spawn" you (the hypothetical player) into the world and present you with a scenario. Someone then responds with a short reply about what they do which will lead into the next step of the story. Someone ELSE then responds to that. Rinse and repeat to see how wild of a story we can make with just our brains. Ready?

OOF. You find yourself in a plains biome. There is a forest to the north, a desert to the east, and an ocean to the south and the west. There are no other creatures nearby save for two sheep. What do you do?

EDIT: I'm gonna edit this up here. Every reply gets one movement (north, south, east, west, or mining up/down) and one action (crafting something, killing some mobs, mining some materials, trading with villagers, whatever really). If you wanna double up on traveling, you can forfeit your action to double move. The reverse is also true. If you have two actions you want to do in one place, you can forfeit your movement.
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Oh I should've probably given an example of an answer. You are on the right track though. If you want to craft a sword you need to travel north and punch a tree to gather wood. I think one movement and one action per reply makes for good pacing. So if someone wanted to continue of what you wanted to do they would have use the wood you gathered to craft a crafting table and sword (their action) then travel back south to the plains where the sheep were (there movement). Each individual reply will be super limited, but by working together maybe we will get something done or go completely off track. Someone may choose to go north to punch trees, but then decided to make a pick for the next person to start mining for iron to make shears to get extra wool to make a bed eventually. Just all of that in tiny baby steps, but the next person could completely derail what you originally planned.


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