Important Artifacts (Tiered Items)


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What Are Artifacts
Artifacts are custom tools, weapons, and armor that is available on our server. We currently have over 200 unique Artifacts available, and that number is constantly growing. These items come standard with custom enchantments, or enchantments that are above the normal levels, that you can’t obtain in vanilla Minecraft.

What Are Tiers
Artifacts are categorized into different tiers, or levels, based on their statistics and advantages provided. There are five possible tiers available. Tiers 1-4 are used to categorize most tools, weapons, and armor, with charms (items that do not have an action but apply effects or boost to the player while they are holding it) having a tier of their own called 'Tier Charm'. With Tier 1 being slightly above vanilla Minecraft values, and Tier 4 being some of the best items you can obtain on the server.

How Do You Get Artifacts
There are many ways you are able to obtain an Artifact. The main way to get them is from the Artifact Trader. You can purchase a random artifact redeemable item from the trader for 8 Fragments. You can also purchase specific items directly from the trader for a set number of Fragments. The four items available in the Artifact Trader are changed weekly, and always feature one item from each of the four tiers. These items are always the version of that item with the highest possible statistics, and comes with Souldbound already added. Some of the other ways you can get Artifacts are from events, crates, your weekly kit, and the monthly vote rewards.

What Are Sets
Artifact Sets are groups of Artifacts that can give players different effects and abilities when they are all worn together. They have similar names and lore to show that they belong in the same set. Every tier has sets, and the sets can consist of 4-5 items.

Tier 1 Items
chrome_0fTIhiBNAa.png chrome_6VmImIJqTe.png chrome_aeoB3q9Mco.png chrome_bHEiGGuH9L.png chrome_knEi4siHUx.png chrome_KPsWPJ3dl8.png chrome_ncbm5vXSX9.png
chrome_dYSf1F867P.png chrome_gyIf0BuFwu.png chrome_H7aUm1JyoC.png chrome_k2y9NlBdeZ.png chrome_nRIqYhjfWn.png chrome_penIQBOqh6.png chrome_SxvMqh47n3.png chrome_XXEmYhT6E5.png
chrome_cEF1ZMZJNR.png chrome_dTrQieTOUc.png chrome_OTtEFZVjaq.png chrome_r9ixNg5JrC.png chrome_t2e4p5epJa.png chrome_Uq4N8rH8WB.png chrome_uWW3jMtYVV.png chrome_WoLQTxaepR.png
chrome_6bX9o3N8nH.png chrome_57pEvXxJQV.png chrome_ClxJtMSNkn.png chrome_HMKDM0VZbm.png chrome_keqHF6Jxf9.png chrome_mXZf8UOBy9.png chrome_PCxNsMFJga.png chrome_wFBFdouSZR.png
chrome_ebcDgSgWVn.png chrome_GQe6DgrTjD.png chrome_GyleLohslt.png chrome_IiK3LaLOW6.png chrome_rlaBDYX45o.png
chrome_5l4iYwMqKn.png chrome_6yioucc9na.png chrome_MphixMpHo3.png
chrome_FVOoaAWV5S.png chrome_w7MN0X7Shm.png chrome_X8OvqPEv0I.png chrome_ZN0dCwcmD0.png
chrome_6SPW4ammNQ.png chrome_80TdS9ceZK.png chrome_fG5u3ypbyE.png chrome_qSxDDgkoqw.png chrome_QumjULwlfV.png
chrome_a4M3B3wEWE.png chrome_k3tXP3kV6M.png chrome_wl8IouqNau.png chrome_YVuGsHZEXw.png
No Tier 1 Tridents
No Tier 1 Crossbows
No Tier 1 Fishing Rods
No Tier 1 Hoes
No Tier 1 Elytras
No Tier 1 Shields
No Tier 1 Miscellaneous

Tier 2 Items
chrome_3AMf7xbkve.png chrome_EnYxKN7DCX.png chrome_fhp7nTO4IW.png chrome_k99DQlR02s.png chrome_kfalSqxnCn.png chrome_ZpqLaJ2BDc.png
chrome_3TEeb240YN.png chrome_4KnbLPQRLK.png chrome_PGtAgp11OL.png chrome_SkwDmteqmC.png chrome_t8uskoLKMo.png chrome_Txlw7SILGJ.png chrome_uUVVOM18ym.png
chrome_5BsuP151cE.png chrome_aifieWmVCk.png chrome_fDYRGJnUhe.png chrome_Psbp4RaHKM.png chrome_yFS0qqAD1m.png chrome_yTZcQaUrsb.png
chrome_fN8e1GL1yf.png chrome_H5Xb2C3OYq.png chrome_POM3Lw4lkR.png chrome_QG4jK3UVKC.png chrome_TMq2EgQgUg.png chrome_WJyZAUo7A0.png chrome_xa96PG6CVm.png
chrome_0AZElyg1Hp.png chrome_9dBTxGLBm0.png chrome_EGnLEEfS0i.png chrome_lRHcM4eMXS.png chrome_YkPRp8jGt2.png
chrome_Cqpq7tqabf.png chrome_iTLljeo6Oj.png chrome_Tep9VZ74PW.png
chrome_7SRoXFcu0U.png chrome_IOLQtsyOp2.png chrome_jCdMGauDS3.png chrome_L6v9AKnymV.png
chrome_4yYDL8Fh5Y.png chrome_hYt7mwoUJS.png chrome_jZ7hrtTb1o.png chrome_xjq4YPBiOB.png
chrome_5GIlCok1jr.png chrome_8YVwXNTEMB.png chrome_a9trkGVlFw.png chrome_oYRnwyW0x8.png chrome_YHdJCqXn2b.png
No Tier 2 Tridents
No Tier 2 Crossbows
No Tier 2 Fishing Rods
No Tier 2 Hoes
No Tier 2 Elytras
No Tier 2 Shields
No Tier 2 Miscellaneous

Tier 3 Items
chrome_4x5RFZJqDv.png chrome_FxxOcYuL6s.png chrome_LpJtTKeDYN.png chrome_nhrRmjHG6h.png chrome_paJMqq7p1g.png chrome_SvgnymPoEE.png
chrome_jadeUEUq74.png chrome_JyfPemRpvY.png chrome_Te42qqwm3I.png chrome_UWdVC2QQ0J.png chrome_xuYt74HGDt.png chrome_yeKomT5PfU.png chrome_ZJiDjwkBMU.png
chrome_2Ih21cX7YZ.png chrome_kDNfpgsKC1.png chrome_pj7ZqFknZp.png chrome_rh2OTNM6iB.png chrome_YbTyK1EjQ8.png
chrome_6Z57GIWYr8.png chrome_cOPDF2QdPG.png chrome_DO0UmfMMLH.png chrome_EUbU0tFTD2.png chrome_gH29Nxxc69.png chrome_NYe3vHyh8R.png chrome_vv8FxU8dT4.png
chrome_FYNsfMMZNF.png chrome_ubfE0APnkm.png chrome_RqkTBP6KQv.png chrome_llsjdt0Sce.png
chrome_aq7lipB4ao.png chrome_r5PKOqk7GZ.png
chrome_g0W8UFR2AL.png chrome_pf81cr2lJw.png chrome_piJXp0rX3L.png
chrome_F6ohqm8V7V.png chrome_JRmoL0XBno.png chrome_v8nT3vKpgG.png chrome_VCvEfsxnnf.png
chrome_d2xXYpGcws.png chrome_GNmEo17BEy.png chrome_lIpHtCoh7B.png chrome_YjVutHaFey.png
chrome_4BQk3LwQjo.png chrome_ofZAeKecYQ.png chrome_swTToHj30S.png
No Tier 3 Crossbows
No Tier 3 Fishing Rods
No Tier 3 Hoes
chrome_qCkvIaG3TJ.png chrome_UE6bXnBIka.png
No Tier 3 Shields
No Tier 3 Miscellaneous

Tier 4 Items
chrome_64LiQdL935.png chrome_h8tS6EfIu5.png chrome_lAqHZJNVZg.png chrome_Olhs0waIFh.png chrome_TLbv9VT5wI.png
chrome_CZHfcx80JJ.png chrome_G2jc9YWNFa.png chrome_VtW1fVlNlf.png chrome_WyfKqQUwhR.png chrome_X7rF8WNTmd.png
chrome_1bW5AmDM1k.png chrome_4oKiLpsyno.png chrome_CO1sIk1WLF.png chrome_f3dwtqVV1U.png chrome_KFlZFKIvKf.png
chrome_2ohIrwTWaU.png chrome_b3sQZYvHbT.png chrome_ds8RJ3cRN5.png chrome_fK4ctAYB8P.png chrome_LOtG3mjR1I.png chrome_nkZ9v9B3gb.png
chrome_5VpqMTSkVO.png chrome_cPxTBFoDTg.png chrome_mf0o3nUPyA.png chrome_mHmjfOKQUh.png
chrome_jHSuNgce4b.png chrome_7xdKMJOlO4.png
chrome_0JqJp2R6If.png chrome_EoCN3b0FXj.png
chrome_97wiL8Wgjj.png chrome_jCCeIdyUVP.png chrome_MogRhUQm3E.png chrome_QkVaASOu4g.png
chrome_LKwCVfJlcS.png chrome_QYK7Jupf55.png chrome_U9LE9ByxtN.png
chrome_5KiNCaL1fi.png chrome_qJTJMGvXgT.png
No Tier 4 Fishing Rods
No Tier 4 Hoes
No Tier 4 Shields




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